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Volunteer Fire Department Recruitment Package

FirefighterApp helps your department recruit & keep volunteers. A one-stop-shop for recruiting individuals looking to serve their community.

It is critical for the safety of communities that you have a strong volunteer fire service now & in the future. FirefighterApp provides research-based, ready-to-use tools in the hands of local departments. We want make the process of recruiting new volunteers as easy as possible for local departments.

Volunteer Recruitment Package: $2,000
One (1) Year of Full System Use and the Services and Tools Below: 


FirefighterApp will focus and organize your recruitment efforts and assist with:

  • Virtual Career fairs & informational sessions
  • Positions are Showcased on the FirefighterApp Homepage 
  • Advertising & job board postings
  • Department Directory Page
    • Social Media Content
    • Printable Marketing Material
    • Website Banner Ad 
    • Recruiting partnerships with civic organizations and local leaders
    • Engaging prospective applicants
    • Tracking your recruitment and promotional efforts
  • Website Integration
  • Recruit Lead Management (RLM)
  • Email Capture
  • Create & Schedule exam/interviews/certification classes
  • Simplify tracking and record-keeping
  • Maintain and archive candidate records in a secure online environment with easy-to-use search tools
  • Generate custom reports; EEOC, ADA, etc. to meet accreditation requirements.
  • Improve communication with applicants