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A full recruiting solutionto effectively reach a new generation of recruits.

FirefighterApp lets you:

  •  Increase applicant submissions
  •  Shorten the hiring cycle
  •  Eliminate paperwork
  •  Simplify tracking and record-keeping
  •  Generate custom reports
  •  Improve communication with applicants
  •  Integrate with your HR department
  •  Foster communication among all recruitment personnel

Community Recruitment

Successful recruitment begins with promotion—especially within your community. FirefighterApp provides the tools you need to build your recruitment team, develop ties with members of the community, find and engage local applicants, and increase community goodwill.

Engaging Today’s Applicant

Modern job candidates are tech savvy, and they expect an online application process that is fast, easy, and responsive. FirefighterApp is designed with these applicants in mind, providing a secure and efficient way to apply and receive communications from departments online, via text and email.

Process Management & Application Tracking

Firefighter recruitment is time-consuming, complex, and costly. FirefighterApp was custom-designed by professionals and technology experts to streamline firefighter recruitment with an online application and candidate tracking system that keeps staff organized—saving time, money, and resources.