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Engaging Today’s Applicant

We are working with a new generation of applicants with different expectations. They are tech-savvy and time-sensitive, and they expect convenience, an easy application process, and instant feedback.

If your current method of accepting applications does not meet these expectations, you are losing qualified applicants. FirefighterApp is a modern recruiting solution designed with these applicants in mind, providing a secure and efficient way to apply for a job and receive communications from departments.

FirefighterApp offers:

  • Quick Apply
  • Email communications
  • Text alerts & notifications
  • Feedback & standings
  • Scheduling interviews & exams
  • Tiered applications

Quick Apply

Long, tedious applications are a waste of the applicant’s time, and yours. Our analysis has found that departments using a short, streamlined initial application receive more submissions than those that start with a long form that requests sensitive information and documents. With FirefighterApp, applicants submit a quick initial application that you can use to screen candidates and determine whether they are qualified to move to the next level.

Tiered Application Process to Protect Sensitive Data

Applicants are reluctant to provide sensitive information unless they know they are moving forward in the process. FirefighterApp does not ask for sensitive information or documents until the secondary application.

Electronic Communication

Throughout the application process, FirefighterApp relies on the modern means of communication required by today’s applicants, rather than old-fashioned snail mail. You can quickly communicate with candidates within their online FirefighterApp account, through email and text alerts.